T-400 Cool Jaw Clear Cold Gel Pack 3″ x 5″


Ideal For:

  • Cold Therapy
  • Facial Therapy
  • Oral Surgery


  • Sturdy and reusable
  • Freeze solid
  • 3″x5″


T-400 Cool Jaw 3″ x 5″ Gel Pack

Cool Jaw’s T-400 Clear Cold Gel Packs are ideal for a variety of cold therapy applications. These sturdy gel packs freeze solid and remain cold for extended periods of time – up to 30-minutes! The T-400 Clear Cold Gel Packs are 3″ x 5″. Use them on their own or  with any of our hands-free facial wraps. Use these gel packs  following wisdom teeth extraction, jaw surgery, oral surgery, including implants, and a variety of facial surgeries such as submental liposuction and face lifts.