Hands Free Therapy Wraps

Why the Cool Jaw® Hands Free System?

Cool Jaw® Hands Free Therapy Wrap product line utilizes a unique, patented pocket design that allows patients to easily replace gel packs without compromising compression.
• The wrap molds to the contours of the face.
• Our gel packs will not leak.
• Each wrap is light weight.
• Each wrap ensures proper pressure.

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  • T-800C Hands Free Wrap

    T-800C Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap With Chin Cup

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  • T-800 Facial Wrap

    T-800 Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap

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  • T-900C

    T-900C Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Split Strap Wrap with Chin Cup

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  • T-807 Hands Free Econo Wrap

    T-807 Cool Jaw Econo Wrap

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  • T-950 contour fit

    T-950 Cool Jaw Wrap with Contour Fit

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  • T-850C

    T-850C High Compression Soft Stretch Wrap

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  • T-750 Cool Jaw® Wrap with Adjustable Pockets

    T-750 Cool Jaw Wrap with Adjustable Pockets

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