T-800C Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap With Chin Cup


Ideal For:

  • Facial Surgery
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Oral Surgery


  • Dual external pockets for gel packs
  • Soft chin cup for stability
  • Adjustable Velcro attachment


T-800C Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap With Chin Cup

Cool Jaw®  T-800C wraps are ideal for immediate use following wisdom tooth removal, reconstructive jaw surgery and dental implants. They are also great for use with TMJ and any other oral and maxillofacial jaw surgeries that require jaw compression and cold therapy.

T-800C Available in your choice of Blue, Black or White.

Cool Jaw has paved the way to post-operative cold therapy innovation through the creation of our exclusive, hands-free patented design.  Our T-800C  Wraps are made with an elegant, satin spandex fabric that is extremely soft on the patient’s skin. They feature a continuous outer sleeve that extends cheekbone to cheekbone to ensure full coverage over the surgical area. This sleeve is specifically designed to fit our gel packs and allows patients to easily insert (and replace) gel packs without having to remove the wrap. Cool Jaw’s patented design thereby allows patients to always maintain constant compression over the surgical area, which helps to reduce swelling.

The T-800C also features a built-in pouch that to help reduce slippage and maintain proper positioning of the jaw wrap. These jaw wraps feature two rows of Velcro®closure at the top of the head to provide a universal, adjustable fit. Each jaw wrap is available with your choice of 2 or 4 gel packs.  Four allow patients to rotate packs between freezings. Our traditional Clear Cold Gel  packs freeze solid and remain cold up to an hour. Our Blue and Green Peas Hot / Cold Gel Packs remain pliable when frozen and can also be heated. Unlike ice, all of our gel packs are reusable; our wraps are machine washable.

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Wrap Configuration

One Wrap without Gel Packs, Wrap with 2 Blue Hot/Cold Gel Packs, Wrap with 2 Clear Cold Gel Packs, Wrap with 2 Green Peas Hot/Cold Gel Packs, Wrap with 4 Blue Hot/Cold Gel Packs, Wrap with 4 Clear Cold Gel Packs, Wrap with 4 Green Peas Hot/Cold Gel Packs