TMJ Pain Relief Set


Applying heat or cold gel packs are the most basic treatments for TMJ; and a great place to start:

In a survey conducted by the TMJ Association and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) targeting Temporomandibluar Joint Disorders (TMD), hot and cold compresses to the jaw were found to be the number one most effective and most frequently used pain therapy or treatment.

Pack contains:

  • 2  T-800C Facial Wraps (1 Black and 1 White)
  • 8  Hot/Cold Gel Bead packs (2 of each of our 4 colors)
  • Instructions for use

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TMJ Relief is a convenient, hands free set


Get two of our T-800C Facial Wraps along with 8 of our reusable Hot/Cold Gel Bead packs. With 8 gel packs, you always have extras waiting to be used.

The T-800C  features a built-in pouch that to help reduce slippage and maintain proper positioning of the jaw wrap. These jaw wraps feature two rows of Velcro®closure at the top of the head to provide a universal, adjustable fit. Our Hot / Cold Gel Beads remain pliable when frozen and can also be heated. Unlike ice, all of our gel packs are reusable; our wraps are machine washable.