T-480 Cool Jaw Cloth Holder with 2 Clear Cold Gel Packs


Ideal For:

  • Facial Surgery
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Oral Surgery


  • Cloth holder
  • Cold Therapy
  • Reusable

Contains one T-470 Cloth holder and two 3″x4″ Reusable Cold Therapy Gel Packs

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T-480 Cloth Holder with Two Clear Gel Packs

The T-480 cloth holders are a highly economical method for administering post-operative cold therapy. Ideal for a variety of applications, patients apply a cloth holder that contains a 3” x 4” reusable gel pack directly on the surgical area. These cloth holders protect patients’ skin from direct contact with the frozen gel pack. Use before and after oral surgery, wisdom teeth extraction and facial and cosmetic surgery.

They arrive with two gel packs per cloth holder so that patients can alternate packs between freezings to ensure there is no lapse in cold therapy. Both the wraps and the gel packs can be customized with your office logo. Bulk pricing is available. Contact Customer Care for details.