T-425 Cool Jaw® Hot/Cold Gel Bead Pack – 3” x 6”


Ideal For:

  • Facial Surgery
  • TMJ
  • Oral Surgery


  • Hot and cold functions
  • Remain flexible when frozen
  • Reusable
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T-425 Hot/Cold Gel Bead Pack – Serve Them Up Hot or Cold!

The T-425 Hot/Cold Gel Bead Packs really are light years beyond frozen peas.  These sturdy, resuable gel packs remain pliable when fully frozen and can easily be heated. Frozen pliabilty allows the gel pack to mold to the user’s face. While the ability to use heat therapy allows for more post-operative therapy options. Due to the gel consistency, this pack will not settle when placed in any direction, thus ensuring continuous uniform hot/cold therapy. Use these 3” x 6” gel pack alone or in combination with our patented wraps for ultimate compression therapy.

Hot/Cold Gel Bead Packs arrive with preprinted, patient-friendly instructions.

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