Recovery from Sliding osteotomy Genioplasty for facial aesthetic balance

The chin, one of the most obvious facial structures, plays an important role in the perception of the face as an instrument of communication. To alter the chin contour in a reliable manner, horizontal sliding osteotomy of the mandibular symphysis with advancement of the mobilized segment is the technique of choice for correction of the anterior posterior deficiency. To achieve chin augmentation a controlled cut (osteotomy) is made in the bone of the chin itself. This osteotomy frees up the malpositioned bone and allows the surgeon to reposition the bone in a more ideal orientation.

Sliding genioplasty is performed using an incision inside the mouth. The incision is placed inside the lower lip in front of the gum line. The incision line is closed with dissolvable sutures that come out on their own within a few weeks. You can expect swelling and bruising of the jaw area that will subside over the first few weeks.

The Cool Jaw® System is a combination of Compression and Thermal Therapy. Each jaw wrap is available with your choice of two or four gel packs. Four: so that patients can rotate packs between freezings.

Both Hot and Cold therapy packs can be very effective in helping a patient recover from surgery procedures and injuries. Unlike conventional ice packs or a soggy bag of frozen peas, Cool Jaw® hands free cold therapy can mold to the contours of the face, will not leak, and are light weight, ensuring proper pressure.
Following surgery cold or Cryotherapy will be helpfull. The Cold Pack, due to temperature and weight, (applied approximately twenty minutes at a time,) constricts local blood vessels and decreases tissue temperature. This constriction decreases blood flow and cell metabolism, which can limit hemorrhage and cell death in an acute traumatic injury. This results in the area healing faster, and a decrease in pain and swelling and an increase in lymphatic drainage.

You should consult with your doctor about when to begin using hot packs, but usually heat can be used around 3 to 4 days after surgery.

Our thermal Blue Gel Pack can be used as heat therapy to reduce the appearance of bruising, or to address minor aches and pains, soothing the area of discomfort.

There is a somewhat longer recovery time with sliding genioplasty as compared with chin implantation, but the versatility and ability to create changes to the chin in a vertical dimension can be invaluable.